B&W Tek to Introduce Spectral Data Acquisition Software at SPIE’s BiOS & Photonics West Exhibits

Newark, DE, January 12, 2011

B&W Tek, Inc., an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy and laser systems, is proud to introduce BWSpec™ 4.00, the next generation of spectral data acquisition software.

The updated BWSpec, version 4.00, features a new spectral management system, allowing users to more intuitively work with multiple spectra simultaneously. The Spectrum List Panel provides a convenient menu allowing the user to manage multiple spectra by giving them the ability to select, deselect, save and load overlapping spectra all at the same time. The Spectrum Information Panel displays all relevant collection parameters for whichever spectrum is selected with a simple, easy to follow format for a convenient reference.

BWSpec software is the foundation for all B&W Tek software platforms. It is ideal for a broad range of applications, since it delivers a wide range of features designed to perform complex measurements and calculations at the click of a button. It features multiple data formats and the capability to optimize scanning parameters such as integration time and laser output power control. In addition to data acquisition and data processing, other features include automatic dark removal, spectrum smoothing, and manual/auto baseline correction.

BWSpec is compatible with all current windows operating systems including both 32bit and 64bit software architectures and is included with the purchase of all B&W Tek spectrometer products.

B&W Tek will be performing a live demonstration of the new BWSpec 4.00 software at the BiOS and Photonics West exhibits in San Francisco at booth numbers 8401 and 401 respectively.

For more information on the BWSpec and other B&W Tek software visit: http://www.bwtek.com/product/software/index.html

About B&W Tek, Inc.
B&W Tek, Inc. is an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy, laser instrumentation and portable/lab grade Raman systems. We provide custom product design, development, and manufacturing for biomedical, physical, chemical, and research communities. Our commitment to innovating solutions makes B&W Tek, Inc. a leader in Raman spectrometer sales worldwide.

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