Improving the Efficiency of Compound Management

LONDON, UK (29 February 2012) – Leading sample management software provider Titian Software, will be exhibiting its renowned compound management software, Mosaic™, at the American Chemical Society Spring 2012 National Meeting and Exposition (March 25th – 29th, San Diego, California, USA) for the first time. President of Titian Software Inc., Michael Girardi, will be on hand at the Titian Booth #219 to discuss with delegates their specific compound and sample management needs and requirements, and how its Mosaic software can improve the efficiency and reliability of compound management processing, distribution, and inventory management. Delegates who wish to set up a meeting in advance should email [email protected]

Mosaic enables fast, efficient and fully traceable workflows for storing and preparing compounds within any storage and handling system. The software streamlines compound management processes in both small and large operations, and has already been chosen by 13 of the Top 20 bio-pharmaceutical companies for their sample management.

Mosaic improves efficiency by minimizing human error in sample preparation and simplifies operations within the lab, ensuring compounds are delivered promptly and without error. The software provides an easy-to-read audit trail while tracking vials, microtubes, and plates, recording details such as container freeze-thaw cycles, and consent parameters for individual samples. This provides a chain of custody which monitors the compound and order status, accurately tracking and recording each step in compound management processing and ordering workflows.

For more information about Titian’s Mosaic modular sample management software, please visit Booth #219 at ACS 2012, or visit the Titian Software website,

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