2D HPLC for Bioanalysis (Co-Sense for BA) from Shimadzu

2D HPLC for Bioanalysis (Co-Sense for BA) from Shimadzu

2D HPLC for Bioanalysis (Co-Sense for BA) from Shimadzu


Automatically and seamlessly conducting all processes from sample pre-treatment to analysis, the Prominence 2D HPLC for BA is a column-switching HPLC system equipped with the newly developed Shim-pack MAYI-ODS pretreatment column and a unique on-line dilution bypass channel. The system’s on-line pre-treatment of bio-samples reduces labor while enhancing efficiency. A high-throughput autosampler provides high-speed injection and reproducibility. Accurate and precise temperature control of the system further ensures reproducible analysis and a high recovery rate.

Key features include:

  • Shim-pack MAYI-ODS Pretreatment Column – This unique column effectively removes proteins from bio-samples, achieves long-term stability through optimization of particle diameter and newly developed coating technology, and exhibits excellent repeatability
  • On-line Dilution Bypass Effect – Eliminates the need for preliminary dilution of the sample by automatically diluting it on-line, leading to excellent recovery rates
  • Suppression of Carryover – A number of enhancements, including a specially treated outer needle surface and improvement of needle seal composition, greatly reduce sample adsorption, critical for achieving the high sensitivity of LC-MS/MS
  • Precise Temperature Control of the Pretreatment Column

This system serves as a front-end HPLC system for a mass spectrometer, enhancing the efficiency of analyzing drugs in bio-samples in pharmacokinetics studies and clinical tests.


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