Automated DNA Sequencer / DNA Sequencing System

Viruses, like HIV-1, are constantly evolving, which makes finding treatments against these pathogens a never-ending race. DNA sequencing systems can give you a lead in this race by providing bidirectional gene sequencing data, permitting analysis of viral protease and reverse transcriptase. An automated DNA sequencer utilizes algorithms configured to identify potentially novel drug-resistant gene segments. Some automated DNA sequencers incorporate scalable semiconductor technology that prevents the need for expensive optics and biochemical reagents. The incorporation of a nucleotide results in the release of a proton, which can be detected in a DNA sequencing system as the semiconductor detector transduces the process into a voltage. Since a voltage will only be created when the added nucleotide matches the open position in the DNA template, the temporal correlation of nucleotide additions with the sequence of voltage pulses represents the sequence. Important features to consider in an automated DNA sequencer include sample volume, capacity, analysis time, and throughput.

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OpenGene DNA Sequencing System

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

  • Type: Benchtop Viral Resistance and Genotype Sequencing
  • Throughput: Inquire
  • Analysis Time: Inquire
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