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Keeping track of laboratory samples is a difficult but necessary task, embodying not only your responsibility to your research, but to patients and test subjects; therefore, the ability to rapidly locate, store, and verify the validity of test samples is key. Laboratory sample tracking software provides high throughput and error-reducing capabilities by: allowing a sample to be located before you open the freezer to retrieve it, tracking sample dates, and ensuring sample security by digitally controlling access privileges to all samples stored throughout the laboratory. Lab sample tracking software is made for all major OS platforms, including Windows, OS X, and Linux. Web-based versions of these apps entail minimal installation requirements. Many laboratory sample tracking software capabilities are rolled into larger laboratory information management systems, otherwise known as LIMS.

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VisionTracker™ Sample Management Software
  • Applications: Sample management for laboratory cold storage, biobanking, and cryostorage.
  • Versions: Inquire
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  • Applications: Laboratory informatics and data management for clinical research, diagnostics, environmental, forensics, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech.
  • Versions: V10
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  • STARLIMS Corporation
  • Thermo Scientific

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