STM Microscope / Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Scanning tunneling microscopes can image surfaces at a very small scale, allowing individual atoms to be resolved. A stylus very closely scans the surface while electrical voltage is applied to the tip or the sample, thereby creating a 3-D image. A feedback loop monitors the tunneling current. Constant distance of a single atom between the surface and the stylus tip gives remarkable detail about the material being studied regarding friction, surface defects and roughness, and molecular size and conformation.

Applications for the scanning tunneling microscope vary from semiconductors and microelectronics to catalysis and the study of DNA molecules. STMs have the added advantage of use in ultrahigh vacuum in air, water, and other liquids and gases, with resolution down to 0.1 nm. Groundbreaking research regarding atomic collapse in graphene was recently accomplished using a specially equipped scanning tunneling microscope.

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NaioSTM Scanning Tunneling Microscope System
  • Application: Inquire
  • Resolution: 7.6 × 7.6 × 3.1 pm (Scan resolution XYZ)
  • Scan Range: 500 × 500 × 200 nm (Scan range XYZ)
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attoAFM/STM Combined Atomic Force and Scanning Tunneling Microscope
  • Application: Inquire
  • Resolution: Inquire
  • Scan Range: 40 x 40 um² (@ 300 K), 9 x 9 um² (@ 4 K)
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