Flow Cytometer

A flow cytometer is an instrument used to analyze and quantify cells and their properties, such as cell viability, cell size, etc. Flow cytometers are used in many disciplines such as molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, and medicine. A flow cytometer is composed of a flow cell in which the liquid sample passes through, detectors, lasers or comparable measuring system, and data acquisition system. Some flow cytometers are not equipped with fluorescence detectors since a light scattering technique can be an alternative.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a flow cytometer:

Flow cytometer specifications include sample format, sample volume, and wavelength range and source. Other things to keep in mind when looking for a flow cytometer is the analysis required because some systems are equipped with taking images while others are not, and the need for automation for high-throughput analysis.

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2100 Bioanalyzer

Agilent Technologies

  • Excitation Wavelength: Inquire
  • Emission Wavelength: Inquire
  • Scatter: Inquire
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Flow Cytometry WorkCell

Hudson Robotics, Inc.

  • Excitation Wavelength: 488 nm
  • Emission Wavelength: 525 nm, 580 to 583 nm, 675 to 680 nm or 780 nm (optional)
  • Scatter: Forward or Side (Optional)
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SpectraMax MiniMax Imaging Cytometer

SpectraMax MiniMax Imaging Cytometer

Molecular Devices, LLC

  • Excitation Wavelength: 460 nm
  • Emission Wavelength: 535 nm
  • Scatter: Inquire
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Attune Acoustic Focusing Cytometer
  • Excitation Wavelength: 405 nm, 488 nm or 638 nm
  • Emission Wavelength: Inquire
  • Scatter: Forward Scatter,Side Scatter
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