Optimised Evaporators for Environmental Analysis

Genevac, world leaders in solvent removal technologies, offers a range of evaporator systems optimised for environmental analysis.

April 27, 2012 - Monitoring of the environment for substances potentially harmful to health is a core activity not just for government departments but for many organisations who wish to ensure that they are not harming their staff or the environment. Samples of air, water, soil or plant matter are routinely monitored for the presence of potentially harmful substances such as pesticides and polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

Pesticides are semi volatile compounds and during evaporation sample loss can occur. This can be critical when preparing potentially contaminated samples such as fruit and vegetables for analysis as inaccurate recoveries can affect the final results.

The EZ-2 ENVI is especially designed for gentle evaporation of such samples and is proven to give excellent pesticide recovery and reproducibility. The system is fully automated, can concentrate a number of samples at the same time and provides protection from cross contamination and bumping.

Developed to handle larger numbers or higher volume samples the Rocket Evaporator provides an ideal solution for concentration in the environmental analytical laboratory. Coupled with Genevac's proprietary SampleGenie technology the Rocket is able to enhance analyte recovery, reduce inter-sample variability and free workers to do more productive tasks than monitoring a concentration system. SampleGenie technology enables large volume samples to be concentrated directly into an autosampler vial, eliminating the need to transfer the sample thereby improving both analytical accuracy and productivity.

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