White Paper Helps Research Institutions Implement BSL-2+ Biosafety Programs in Laboratories

Needham, Mass. – September 18, 2012 – A new, free white paper assists research institutions with the challenges of implementing biosafety level (BSL) 2+ practices and procedures in laboratory facilities.

BSL-2+ is the term frequently used to describe laboratories where work with microorganisms is conducted in a BSL-2 laboratory with biosafety practices and procedures typically found at BSL-3. The biosafety level is determined by a risk assessment process. In some cases the risk assessment reveals that safety practices over and above those required at BSL-2 are needed, yet a more complex BSL-3 laboratory facility is not necessary.

The paper titled “A Practical Guide to Implementing a BSL-2+ Biosafety Program in Laboratories” is based on a client survey EH&E conducted of academic, biotechnology and healthcare institutions focused on how institutions are managing implementation of BSL-2+ practices in laboratories. The survey identified three areas that are most challenging:

  •   Determining what work or projects require BSL-3 practices
  •   Ensuring that the researchers are properly trained in the use of BSL-3 practices in a BSL-2 laboratory
  •   Ensuring that a project-specific Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is developed

“The fact that BSL-2+ is not a recognized containment level in biosafety guidance documents makes it challenging for research institutions to determine when to use this hybrid approach and which biosafety practices to use,” says Betsy Gilman Duane, Associate Director of EH&S Compliance / Biosafety Practice Leader of EH&E. “Unlike biosafety levels-1, 2, 3, and 4, BSL-2+ is not a prescribed containment level. We’ve found that there is limited information available on this topic and developed the paper to serve as an additional resource for research institutions looking to create a BSL-2+ laboratory facility.”

The paper, “A Practical Guide to Implementing a BSL-2+ Biosafety Program in Laboratories”, addresses the challenges identified in the survey and discusses the critical steps to implementing a BSL-2+ laboratory.

Download the white paper “A Practical Guide to Implementing a BSL-2+ Biosafety Program in Laboratories” at http://www.eheinc.com/BSL2plus_guide.htm

Or, for more information contact EH&E directly on the web at: www.eheinc.com or by phone at 800-825-5343.

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