DIAsource ImmunoAssays Appoints IBL-America As Their RIA Distributor In The US

For Immediate Release                                                        

Belgium – DIAsource ImmunoAssays , an international diagnostics company, recently announced that Immuno-Biological Laboratories Inc., (IBL-America) would be their primary US distributor for their complete  RIA product line. IBL-America, based in Minneapolis, MN, is a distributor of high quality diagnostic assays in various areas including autoimmunity, endocrinology, infectious disease, oncology, and neuroscience and offers technical laboratory services as well.

The two companies will especially coordinate joint marketing efforts for the introduction of the DIAsource RIA products into the US market.

Jef Vangenechten, CEO of DIAsource stated “We have a strong presence in the diagnostic market in Europe and Asia but we have never introduced our RIA product line into the US. We see a revival in the RIA market and take the opportunity of the fact that competitors have recently decided to withdraw their RIA products from the market. We therefore are excited to announce our collaboration with IBL-America to enter into the US market with our high quality RIA products”. 

Mark Kowal, President and CEO of IBL-America stated “The opportunities presented to us by this collaboration with DIAsource provide us with a direct approach to addressing a recent gap created within the diagnostic and research communities in the United States.”

DIAsource ImmunoAssays -- is a privately owned company headquartered in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.  DIAsource has more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing RIA and ELISA assays. The company has a unique RIA (>100 assays) and ELISA (>160 assays) product portfolio in endocrinology, auto-immunity and virology. Most recently the company made major investments in the development of antibodies and different assays for Vitamin D (RIA, ELISA). . www.diasource-diagnostics.com.

IBL-America - IBL-America is a privately owned US corporation located in Minneapolis, MN, and since 1997 has been an established provider of in-vitro diagnostic assays to major US laboratories and hospitals. With annual sales of $4MM+ IBL-America continues to provide the diagnostic community with the products and technical service required to meet today’s high quality standards and regulations. Additionally IBL-America supplies research assays as well as antibodies and proteins to thousands of laboratories across North and South America. Through their sister company, KMI Diagnostics, Inc., IBL-America can also provide testing services for endocrinology and research projects. More information is available at www.ibl-america.com and www.kmidiagnostics.com.