NEW Syringe Pumps for OEM Applications!

Harvard Apparatus has introduced a NEW line of OEM Syringe Pumps designed for specialized solutions for a variety of fluid handling applications to meet your fluidics research requirements.

OEM pump modules are capable of operating over a wide flow rate range, from picoliters/min to hundreds of milliliters/minute.

Harvard Apparatus' High Pressure Models can easily handle viscous solutions with a linear pumping force in excess of 400 pounds.

In addition to standard products, Harvard Apparatus can develop a pump and electronics for customized applications, including drug deposition systems for medical devices, lab-on-a-chip systems, and many more.

They have the knowledge acquired over more than 50 years of syringe pump experience to develop an optimized solution for your specialized research project.

For your free 2011 Harvard Apparatus Pump Catalog visit, contact the Harvard Apparatus Technical Support Department at [email protected] or call (800)272-2775 to discuss your application.

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