Grant water bath saves lives in Kenya!

Grant Instruments (, a world-renowned supplier of scientific, life sciences and data acquisition products, is supporting the IcFEM Mission Dreamland Medical Care Centre (DMCC) in Kenya by supplying a water bath and centrifuge.

Roy Homent of Grant Instruments, said: “We are delighted to be able to support this medical centre in Kenya and to see that our equipment is helping to combat the deadly impact of diseases such as malaria.”

Malaria is one of the top causes of death for children in Kenya. Chronic malaria leads to anaemia; the child gets pneumonia and acute asthma. Poor subsistence farmers in heavily populated rural areas of Western Kenya often look after their own children as well as adopted ones from various relatives because the relatives have died from HIV/AIDS. The children get malaria despite mosquito nets, as the mosquitoes attack before the children are under the net. Often the children are on death's door when brought to the DMCC of the IcFEM Mission, an indigenous Kenyan organisation.

Thanks to the medical equipment and the dedicated staff team children recover quickly and lives are saved! The solution used at the DMCC to combat malaria is a salbutamol nebuliser driven by an oxygen concentrator, antibiotics and a blood transfusion made possible by cross matching, performed using a Grant Instruments’ water bath.

“We are extremely grateful to Grant Instruments for supplying the water bath and centrifuge at reduced cost. We look forward to a continuing relationship with them and our indigenous Kenyan grassroots mission.” Dr Simon and Jane Daniell.

The Interchristian Fellowships’ Evangelical Mission (IcFEM) is an indigenous Kenyan organisation based in Kimilili, Western Kenya with a mission of smooth integration of community development, evangelism and innovative provision of holistic care. The DMCC is situated about two miles away from the town of Kimilili in Western Kenya on a 20 acre piece of land owned by IcFEM. The site also includes a farm and a Primary School. The original medical facilities were based around the Dreamland clinic.