Ammonia Gas Filters from Airfiltronix

Ammonia Gas Filters from Airfiltronix

Ammonia Gas Filters from Airfiltronix


Airfiltronix fume/particle extraction devices are designed to accept a series of filters including aluminum or dacron prefilters, HEPA particulate filters, activated carbon or specially treated carbon for organics, ammonia, acid gases, formaldehyde, radioactive iodine and mercury.

Proper filtration is a combination of two factors. The first is matching the filter medium to the pollutant. This is accomplished through the use of material safety data sheets and any other means available for identifying the precise nature of the pollutant. The second involves determining the capacity of the filter as it relates to the amount of pollutant it will be exposed to. This is more complicated. However, with proper information this can be done with reasonable accuracy. Ideally, we would expect filters to function for about two months or more to consider an application feasible. The range could be from one month to one year depending on conditions and frequency of use. HEPA filters, when properly applied, typically last from six to twelve months. They are generally used in conjunction with a pre-filter to extend the life of the HEPA filter. The average life expectancy for carbon filters is four to six months. This is based solely on our statistical average and is never implied as a guarantee. Each situation should be evaluated and our application engineers will offer an "expected range" of filter life. Customers should implement a regular monitoring program to test the system's effectiveness.

Specialty Carbon: These are treated carbons that combine a chemical reaction with carbon's adsorption capacity. Compounds are broken down into their various elements for easy adsorption. Common types are treated to adsorb ammonia, formaldehyde, radioactive iodine, etc.. If you have a special application, please call us to discuss your particular needs.

Fits all ES-7000 Mini Containment Hoods and HS4500 Workstations.


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