Microarray Technology / Microarray Imaging

Microarray Technology: High-throughput DNA and Protein Analysis

Microarray Technology Microarray technology is used to analyze many samples at the same time, sometimes for many different reasons. Microarrays are usually laid out in one of two ways:
  • Samples can be put onto a solid surface in a grid-like pattern called spotting, or
  • Samples are placed onto beads
The samples can be tissues; proteins; or short, specific sequences of DNA. By using antibodies, cDNA or cRNA, or other proteins, tests can be run to determine the presence of an analyte, such as a certain drug molecule or antibody, where and how much gene expression is occurring in a tissue, and DNA sequence.

Research Markets for Microarray Technology

Microarray technology is of great importance for various applications and their research markets, such as gene expression analysis, nucleotide polymorphism detection, and more.
  • Health science
  • Life science
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Drug discovery
  • Medical research

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Considerations for purchasing Microarray Technology

The right microarray technology for your lab will depend on what type of tests you want to run and how many need to be processed in any given time frame.

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